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Our Website Under Update
Guests and members of our site , apologize for the closure of our website in the previous period and allow the forums only
Please note that the site in this period passes several updates and add features and services were not at the site before In the field of web design and our products of advanced programs to suit all categories
In our plan to updates add a section online applications, is a useful services through our site for our members
This current version of our website is temporary and some sections are not active, but soon, will be the full opening of the new version
Please contact us through e-mail : info@gtmix.org

Salaty 2.0

Version 2.0 of the Salaty
listen to the voice of azan on your computer with changing the background by Prayer
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CD All In One
CD Ramadan 1432
Design of this version is different from previous versions , where each section and a special interface with moves items , change the backgrounds on by every prayer , includes also Ramadan Competition where you enter your picture and your name and when you get the highest rating you will get your prize Read More

Montage Courses

Learning how you can editing and create video clips and add effects by using Corel Video Studio program and other Applications
Explain by the video and you can watch online , preparation and provide by Ramy Elganzorey, You can also download all software used in the Courses full versions for free
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GTM Applications

a collection of small programs that run on your computer without installation
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